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¡Hola Hugo!

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¡Hola Nico! too :).

A year ago I’ve published a post calling to my future self to stay static and… this is the first post from Hugo, the world’s fastest static site generator.

The proccess of building this site has been fully documented on my Twitch channel, and I should say it was a bit harder than expected because I wanted to know what I was doing, so it implied lot of time researching and testing things here and there.

The effort was worth it, in the end I’m really happy with the result.

On one hand I wanted to thank Django for all the fish, it was really fun to have you there for many many years but - sadly - lately I had no time to take care of updates and other maintaining tasks.

On the other hand I would like to thank and remark that this site wouldn’t be possible without the time, effort and knowledge of my great friend Segun, that did pretty much everything you’re watching now. ❤️