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Stay static

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Bunch of years ago, when social networks did not exist (wow) the web prettended to be pretty simple. As simple that some content management systems were designed to do a kind of hard work: build a static site from the dynamic one. Easier to be served, maintained and much much faster... win-win!.

Now, bunch of years later, we're going back to our roots. And I intend the same too.

For me, or rather, for my use case with this humble site, it doesn't make sense to keep maintaining it as it is now, a super-outdated django own-cms with many complex elements to connect with redis, mysql, some kind of memcache stuff in the middle of nowhere and some other stuff I'm shamed to write about. The goal has been achieved long ago: play a bit with the more popular python framework.

I've been playing - and still playing - with some of these tools that keeps the work static and it's really hard to decide which one fits better my needs, because they're all quite similar. For the record:

Will see what is the one that leads the victory.

On the other hand I even didn't decided if userlinux will be the domain/name because the archive of posts here are not relevant anymore and I rarely talk about linux. I feel more comfortable with oscarmlage so... I need to sleep on it.

But what I've already decided is that - definitely - it's time to move. Or rather, it's time to stay static ;).