Óscar M. Lage

Sysadmin & Web Developer

Óscar M. Lage

For almost seven years I was working on a local ISP company as sysadmin leader and main developer, then, in February'08, I moved to one of most important companies in the place where I live, working as sysadmin and developer growing on resources, responsibilities and knowledge. Nowadays I've jumped to a full freelance mode, trying to combine freelance projects and the responsability to be double father sametime.

Enjoy working with open source tools


As you can read, my profesional profile is defined by two words: sysadmin and developer. I focused my carreer on *nix systems from the beginning, in this order iirc: Slackware, Gentoo, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Debian. On the programming side I like frameworks and tools that makes my life easier: Pyramid, Flask, Django, Symfony2... Actually I'm in love with Pyramid and Django.

More about me


You can see my resume (or LinkedIn's one), read my writtings, my twitter thoughts... but even better you can read the code I write, mostly on Bitbucket -- but I've a Github account too. On the other hand I like so much to be with my twins and wife, the family, friends, the beach and to have an active sport life. That's me!.

Interested on work together?... Drop me a line.