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Achievement unlocked! We've successfully set up our first Minecraft Bedrock Private Server as tech daddies.

As a fan of Dr. Slump, choosing the server's name was a no-brainer: VilaPenguin (the village from the show, in Galician).

The next step is to build our own home and keep those creepers and mobs away.

Days are filled with tests, no matter the technology: , , , ...

Lately, I'm dedicated to ensuring the quality of the products by constantly adding tests to make sure they are reliable.

I'm nearly in love with + + + + . Trying now to upgrade fresh to and add to the equation. As a side note, the stack seems more complicated to set if you use containers.

Wrote a blog post - and had lot of fun - about benchmarking an API endpoint with different stacks:

🔘 golang+gorm+custom-router
🔘 golang+gorm+echo
🔘 golang+gorm+gin
🔘 php+laravel
🔘 php+vanilla-mysqli_*


There is this kind of tradition with a group of friends that you gift each other anonymously a low-budget thing. I think it's called Secret Santa (we call it "amigo invisible" in .es).

Well, I received mine this morning, and the game is over, my Secret Santa won the game!

One of the first things I do in my working morning routine is to open twitch and start watching someone else working (to feel some company). Today my "cowork mate" is twitch.tv/ppy.

Man, I love to see the way he works!

Day in Developer's Life: Mugcake in 2 mins


Follow me for more recipes 🤣

Maybe your instance is playing tricks while uploading GIF files (dunno why it's not happening with other image formats):

413 Entity too large.

In our case this is a dockerized instance with `jwilder/nginx-proxy` in the middle, the fix is easy:

1. Use a nginx config volume: `./data/conf:/etc/nginx/conf.d`
2. create a `client_max_body_size.conf`file in the volume with "client_max_body_size 100m;" inside.
3. Restart the instance

From time to time I get an error like this trying to execute a custom command:

$ make backup
make: 'backup' is up to date

I thought that something was wrong with that backup command but it seems the error is because there is a `backup/` directory sibling to the `Makefile`.

If you change the directory name or the command name, the error is gone. Weird, indeed.

Morning vibes, Friday vibes... gives me so nice pictures :)