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There is always a trigger or a reason -hidden or not- for a change. In this case it was a mix of things but it finished by discovering a totally unexpected part of Internet (to me).

Every year’s resolution one of the first things that comes to mind is the desire of mitigate as much as I can the monkey scrolling (monkey? donkey?), and lately I felt that Twitter was the first candidate to be removed. Timeline was full of negative stuff, plus all the advertisements, recommendations, interests… it seemed that «the algorithm» wanted to write my present and future much better than me. And -besides that- the trigger in this case was the recently ownership changes in there.

That ended with me -and many other users- reactivating the forgotten Mastodon account -from 2017- and reading a bit more about it, what is, how it works, what’s that «federation» thing, etc…

That’s how I’ve discovered the fediverse, a really nice movement for sharing information in any kind of support (posts, microposts, images, audios, videos, etc…) but on the other hand it is about a kind of figh against the data-market that big tech companies does with our digital identities too. One of the great points on this fedi-thing is that you can run -and own- your instance of whatever (mastodon, peertube, pixelfed, matrix, synapse…) and be responsible about the ownership of your data. That’s amazing!.

For a moment I felt that spark again when -in the late nineties- we were playing with *nix operating systems in order to have something else not owned by that-big-company. Great memories indeed. Now I’m wondering if is there a part of Internet shining again or maybe it was me that have been eaten by the mass media all this time?.