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Blood Donation

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I’ve always wanted to contribute -in a way- to help others and years ago something happened that I made a promise to myself to donate blood as soon as I could. As time went by I hadn’t made it due lack of time or a kind of internal afraid and I was a bit angry with myself. Even had called several times in order to arrange a visit but in the end it never happened.

The other day had to go to the hospital and forced myself to pay a visit to the Donor Unity. A friendly nurse attended me and explained all the proccess, I bet she noticed that I was a bit nervous because she kept talking all the time, during the interview, extraction and after that, thanking me for being there when really I was the one grateful of being treated in such a nice way.

Yesterday I received a totally unexpected SMS saying that three patients could be transfused thanks to my donation. I mean, I knew what the blood was for, but this kind of «gamification» thing… wow!.

I’ve already set a task in the calendar every 3 months (the time you should wait between donations) in order to make it a habit. If you’re in doubt - as I was for years- please, don’t be afraid and make it happen, you won’t regret it!.