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After reading some stuff here and there, playing around with the new shinny languages that seems to be the fashion ones nowadays and thinking so much about “what’s next”, my friend Juanjo friendly pushed me to write something with real specs in… Go.

I’ve been working for years with PHP and - still - Python but lately I’m really tempted to test the smell of compile things again, care about typed variables and think different regarding to data structures, etc…

Long time ago - when studying - I had to learn C and afaik it is imposible to travel in time yet… so in a way, wanted to come back to that days and compare feelings. That’s how Wikingo is born, a minimal personal wiki written in Go:

Wikingo Screenshot

And not much more to say, it’s the tipical side-project that leads you to start learning and practicing a new programming language. If you like to take a look to the repo and contribute in a way, I’ll be so glad!.