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5 random things I did this weekend

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1.- Had a really nice travel

Most of times day by day, working, and taking care of twins is a hard task to manage, it eats almost all our time and talks are reduced to basics, organize homeworks, meals and not much more. This weekend we have taken advantage of the time while traveling to update ourselves, take a deep breath and go on.

2.- Drumming

Not really. The house where we stayed had a drum, nice toy for our children, so they were drumming most of the time. They really love to make "music"... you can imagine where our heads are today.

3.- Had lovely seashore walks

One of the things I really miss in winter is the sea. It was nice to walk along a seafront and sitting in a beach with the children, just throwing stones to the water and enjoy watching the waves.

4.- Had an Irish coffee with friends

Saturday night, after dinner, we made a kind of irish coffee (coffee + burnt whiskey + cream). I enjoyed both, trying to burn the whiskey, drinking the cocktail and being with friends late in the night.

5.- Disconnect from the world

We have rented a house in the country side, that means internet is almost no available. I've not opened the laptop during the whole weekend, and almost nothing the smartphone. No received calls and no news from the "outside". As we always used to say... we should do it more often.