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Winter update, twenty twenty

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It seems I have no time to sitting in front of the computer with the aim of writting some words for the blog anymore, but today I managed to, so here I am, trying to think a bit and sort out this issue.

Since last October I've had some ups and downs at various levels, but most relevant was the free time I got since some customers decided to leave the boat till new projects arrived. I made the decision that I should take advantage of that time to invest in my shape so started to workout in a more intense way and put myself in professional hands. I'm really happy I did.

On the other hand I've had a glad Christmas enjoying family all the time I could, had some short trips here and there even with friends, attended local parties, moved the homelab and broken a hard disk, replaced broken apple watch, few scares with kids punches, basket kids tournaments, kids music concerts and probably much more stuff that I can't remember.

What's next? I don't know, to be honest. There are some work projects flying around, hope some of them gets real to start something *big* again but regardless of whether or not it is, I hope I can continue enjoying family, health and workouts, in that precise order.