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Vim, tmux and vimux

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Hey, vim + tmux calling again!

If you know me by now, you know I feel really happy if I'm able to work without touching the mouse at all. In this particular case I wanted to run the tests while working in the project.

I could just open a new tmux pane, run the tests command there and go back to vim, but if there is a plugin that can save me a couple of keystrokes... I need to test it!.

tmux, vim, vimux

You can Vimux and it just opens a tmux pane (or window), execute the command you want, and go back to vim. The configuration I wrote (~/.vimrc):

"------------- Vimux
let g:VimuxHeight = "20"
let g:VimuxOrientation = "v"
" let g:VimuxRunnerType = "pane"
map rr :call VimuxPromptCommand()
map rl :call VimuxRunLastCommand()
map rc :call VimuxCloseRunner()

Easy peasy!.