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It's not the end of the year but we're close.

This year has been a bit weird, lots of unexpected stuff happened but hey, it's the game!.

Twelve months ago we started the year having so much fun with the cryptobubble, getting back to the php world and learning a lot of NodeJS because, you know, to get rich you need to be "The Fastest", lambo needed.

Santa's last year came with a couple of bikes for the kids, and the weather was that bad that we had to go for inside rides. It was fun. Then the macbook mini stopped working so the Reyes Magos given a new SSD.

After some sad stories I've decided definitelly quit jiujitsu classes and focus my body in something else. And we continued with the cryptobubble fun.

Had an important lost, but there are things that death cannot touch.

It snowed - not so much - but we took advantage of that and played with the snow. Then carnival arrived, I don't like carnival so much but all is different with kids. Carnival means lots of food so it was a good decision to start exercising the body again.

And working, coworking, cofficeworking... work always helps.

In march we started the cowlab season talking about package management systems (pip, npm and composer). I'm really glad and proud to be able to do this kind of meetings again.

Father's Day it is always a point of thoughts. On one hand to be infinitely grateful to my father and on the other hand wondering if I will be doing well enough on same task.

Then we did a trip to Santander and visited many really awesome places, even ending March we took the first ice cream of the year. After that Naxos was calling, took car, plane and train and arrived to the paradise.

Sprints are always fun, lot of work but lot of anecdotes and laughter too. This year was a bit difficult to fit all the pieces of the puzzle but in the end it was a really pleassure to be there. First bath of the seasson happened there too, it's like a tradition.

We made other minor trips with the family to San Andrés de Teixido, Portomarín or the usual ones to Coruña trying to take advantage of the weekends mostly. Appart of the cowlab tech talks we attended a local event focused in robotics. The kids were fascinated with it.

In May we made one of our dreams come true, a motorhome trip! I must say it was the most exciting adventure this year. The kids, M and me enjoyed it sooo much. I hope we can repeat the experience the sooner the better.

After that I faced myself to the most difficult talk of my life. Went to the children's school to talk about computers and robots. It was hard but every minute spent there is worth it. I will never forget the face of my children during the chat.

In June, after really hard negotiations with the managements, we started what we called informally the #boyznight or #noitederapaces. It's about a meeting with friends to have dinner out there and try to rule the world chatting about human and the divine. Let's not lose that habit!.

ArdeLucus and Children's graduation (they're officially not little child any more) were the preamble of Summer. Summer is always different. We are moving more often to the country side to be closer to th Nature and enjoy a bunch of fresh air.

We did another trip the children had been longing for: Warner Park in Madrid. There we met Superman, Batman, Piolín, Bugs Bunny and many other fantasy characters that enjoyed a lot.

We were preparing the Summer trip to Malaga when an idea came up: meet the whole family and learn the kids how to bake homemade bread in the country side, as they did it before in times. Fantastic experience we need to repeat it too (and hopefully make it an habit).

Malaga was waiting for us with the sun, beaches, swimming pools, jellyfishes,  feria... This year we went to and awesome adventure by the "Río Chíllar". And later on we moved to Huelva to pass some days in a hotel there. Our heart is becoming a bit more "andaluz" every Summer.

And then, suddenly after the Summer, all started to go a bit down. Appart from the obvious things as the weather, temperature and everything, my eyes started to fail and had to do lots of tests. Primary school started, extra activities too and in September had first surgery in the eye.

Stopped working. Stopped exercising. Stopped usual activity (take kids to school, coffices, read, watch tv, etc). It was complicated. Meanwhile life continued outside and M took the control - thank God - and dunno how but October came with the local San Froilán party.

Surprise! You're 40 now. A great (the greatest) surprise birthday party came where my mood was not the best, it helped a lot to start raising again, like an inflection point.

After that I've started to enjoy again the walks, the photos and the computers. Started working again and the November Sprint turned up. I was connected, the rhythm was good again. It's always a pleassure to be with the whole team coding and having fun. Even realizing my laptop was about to explode due the #batterygate. Luckily I could fix it by myself.

Once the sprint ended we did a couple of pleasure trips (Carballo and Chantada) with friends to enjoy the pre Christmas and then, all changed again. Some work decissions made me reshape the future and rethink about the objectives and circumstances. Sometimes reconsidering elements is hard, but the hardest part is realize that you can not control everything.

And here we are, writing about this year and at same time trying to decide if this 2018 was good or not. In summary we did a lot of trips and had lot of fun but some other things were not as positive as I would like. Probably the head photo that my friend Sascha took me is a good summary: Keep yourself always plugged in, no matter what happens.