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Music from terminal: cmus & mpsyt

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In a try to go back to my roots, lately, I'm using the terminal as much as I can and it's being a real pleasure. Even to listen music.

My consumption habits - talking about music - mostly go through youtube and local music, it depends on the situation. I was used to open whatever browser for youtube and whatever music player for local files (vlc, itunes...). Both (browsers and music players) are RAM drainers, so looked for a lighter solution.

I've found cmus as a really small and fast console music player, and it was so beautiful for my eyes so install and enjoy. If you're using OSX I recommend you to install cmus-osx too, it gives you the control of cmus using the media keys on the keyboard, it's a must.

$ brew install cmus
$ git clone https://github.com/azadkuh/cmus-osx.git
$ cd cmus-osx
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
$ ./setup.py install
$ cmus

On the youtube hand the best I've found was mps-youtube (mpsyt), a terminal based youtube player and downloader. It works with youtube-dl on background and it's able to search and play audio/video from youtube, create and import/export playlists... Enough for me.

$ brew install mpv youtube-dl mps-youtube
$ mpsyt

Enjoy the music from the dark side.